The JOYS of Summer!

     Hey! Welcome to our blog! If you are reading this before you checked out our super cool bios, you should probably check those out before you keep reading. Don’t worry, we can wait. Now that you know a little bit about us, let’s begin! So if you couldn’t already tell by the name, SeedsofJoy, we are going to be writing about anything and everything we find JOY in. (a further description of the name will come in a later blog post!) With that, we would love to share with you the different ways God has blessed us with JOY this summer!

     “Find Joy in the ordinary.”-Max Lucado. I read this quote and I asked myself, “What could be more ordinary than Math?” (ok, one quick pause….If you know me well you know I love anything and everything about math. But for the sake of everyone else, let’s go ahead and say, “What could be more ordinary than Math?” Ok, back to the blog!) For the past four weeks I have worked at a math tutoring company and helped kids of various ages in the one subject most students wish never existed. Since I love Math  (and hope to someday teach it) my summer job has been something I’ve enjoyed and even looked forward to each day. I find JOY in my job because Math is something I love but for the most part the little kids I work with find anything but JOY in their worksheets and tests. This past month has not been so much me trying to find JOY in the ordinary of my job, but trying to bring JOY to the many kids I meet each day. I have realized most kids, especially the little ones, love to talk about what they have done during the summer! Simply asking them about their days and hearing how they played with their pets, siblings, or the fact they got to go swimming that day brings them JOY and starts their sessions off on a positive note. My favorite would have to be this one student who brings a 7/11 slurpee with her every time. She sits down and I get to try and guess which flavor she picked that day! Just to see her laugh at the ridiculous flavors I guess puts smiles on both of our faces. Through my work Jesus is showing me that JOY can be found not only in the ordinary but more importantly, JOY can be brought to others while they are experiencing the ordinary, even if it’s just learning how to find the area of a triangle! -Eileen

“ Sanctifying one’s work is no fantastic dream, but the mission of every Christian–yours and mine” -St. Josemaria Escriva

     The summer of 2016 has been nothing short of glamorous. False. There have not been magical trips across the globe or life changing events. I have big aspirations to go to medical school and become a doctor. When I tell people this, it is quickly followed by a “Wow!” or a “you’re going to be in school forever!”. Encouraging, right? WRONG. It hasn’t always been easy, but accepting things like having to take physics during my summer break instead of being able to do something more fun and exciting has been a step in the right direction. Through prayer and contemplation I have come to learn the Lord would not put such a great desire on my heart without giving me the tools and graces necessary to accomplish it. It is my mission to sanctify my work, and that isn’t always easy when I am in the middle of a physics word problem. Fr. Mike Schmidt said it best in one of his Sunday homilies (check him out on the Podcast App!), we may not be called to a new WHAT, but Jesus calls us to a new HOW. My summer was not going to be filled with a new and exciting WHAT, but Jesus was calling me to a new HOW. So what has that looked like for me this summer? Physics, physics, and more physics. I have found JOY in physics! Whaaattt?? It’s crazy, I know. I actually look forward to lab and getting to play with the machines and computers. I’m not a huge fan of the lecture because there is sooooo much math (Sorry Eileen, I know math is your one true love), but I’m getting through it! I even met a girl who is going to transfer to A&M this fall! I am getting through it one day at a time with a lot of peace in my heart knowing that I am doing what has to be done, and I am doing it JOYFULLY! -Ana


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