The Joy of the Saints

“Saint friends are the best friends” -Ana

I’m not sure if anyone else has ever said this, so I’m just going to go ahead and quote myself there. I absolutely LOVE the saints! It is one of the most amazing aspects of the Catholic faith. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says this about the saints, “When they entered into the joy of their Master, they were “put in charge of many things.” Their intercession is their most exalted service to God’s plan. We can and should ask them to intercede for us and for the whole world.” Saints are the epitome  of holiness. Their lives serve as beautiful examples for us to live by. I thought that I would share in this blog post a little bit about my favorite saint friends and how I met them!

I was confirmed a little over a year ago at my home parish. I knew that I had to pick a confirmation saint, but I was not familiar with very many saints at the time. So I honestly just picked my confirmation saint because I loved the song Restless by Audrey Assad so much. I knew that it was based off of a quote by St. Augustine and I just thought it was so beautiful. “You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You“. I wanted so badly to be able to rest in the Lord and find peace in my heart, so I knew that if I picked St. Augustine he would always be by my side praying for my peace. I would later come to learn more about him and his story of radical conversion. It gave me even more reassurance that I had not only picked the right saint, but St. Augustine had also picked me. 

During the time I was preparing for confirmation I also began to learn about St. Faustina. At one point I was really worried that I had even picked the wrong saint, and that she was supposed to be my confirmation saint! But then I realized that it was okay to love more than one saint, and that they were all equally incredible in their own way. I began to read her diary and fall in love with her spirituality. She was so close to Jesus during her entire life and her heart was just bursting with love for Him. Jesus was able to use her, from inside a cloistered convent to spread His message of Divine Mercy to the entire world! If Jesus was able to do that with St. Faustina I couldn’t imagine what He could do with me.

Finally I’d like to talk about St. Therese who is the patron saint of our blog. I did not know much about her before coming to college. My bible study leader named Sara (who I talked about in my previous blog post) absolutely loves St. Therese and talked about her a lot during bible study. My friend Molly told about this new Consecration to Divine Mercy. It was written by Father Michael Gaitley and was based entirely on Therese’s writings. I had already come to know and love Divine Mercy from St. Faustina so I thought this would be a great way to learn more! It was incredible to say the least. I began to get to know Therese more and more, and I found that the more I learned the more I was intrigued by here idea of the “little way“.

I will look for some means of going to heaven by a little way which is very short and very straight, a little way that is quite new[…] It is your arms,
Jesus, which are the lift to carry me to heaven“.

I have found such great friendships in these three saints and hope to continue to meet others on my spiritual journey.



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