Jezu Ufam Tobie! (Jesus I Trust in You)


          Jezu ufam tobie. St. Faustina spoke these words when Jesus appeared to her in the convent. The great thing about saints is that they show us the beauty of God and give us an even more in depth understanding of who He is as our creator. There are so many writings from different saint and reading them can provide such great inspiration. I have read a few notebooks from Faustina’s diary and they completely blew my mind. It is one thing to read her writings and hear about where Jesus appeared to her but it is something completely different to actually visit the place. This past semester I had the amazing opportunity to make a pilgrimage to Poland! Let me tell you how the Lord showed me His love through the faith of this little polish nun and the beautiful country she called home.


          We arrived in Poland on a Friday morning after driving through the night. I had only managed to get a few hours of sleep but I was overjoyed at the thought of what was to come of the weekend. Our first stop was Chestohova. We made it just in time to see the reveal of Our Lady of Chestohova. Each morning at 6am trumpets and drums are played while the covering of the image slowly recedes upwards until she is fully visible. The image was beautiful but the devotion had by some of the people there was even more moving. You could tell some of them came every morning to greet our Lady. Some of them began every day with their mother, bringing her all of their cares and worries. After having Mass in a side chapel in the shrine we made our way to Krakow. This short first glimpse of Poland showed me just how much Jesus and his mother were present to these people and even more so, to every person on this earth.

          One of the best places we visited was the shrine of Divine mercy, like THE shrine of the Divine Mercy. The modern church kind of looks like a spaceship, but the real beauty was found in the little chapel Faustina used to pray in and where Jesus would appear to her!! We arrived and immediately prayed a divine mercy chaplet with some of the Sisters. It was beautiful and overwhelming to think we were praying the Chaplet in the exact same place Jesus told her about the prayer. Later we had Mass in that chapel and I received the true Body and Blood of Jesus. He was just as present to us in the Mass as He was to Faustina in their encounters. This little polish nun was picked by Jesus to spread His message of Divine Mercy. Jesus had so much faith in this one single person. This message is something so necessary in our world and influences so many. To think it was spread through one person makes me think of all the things Jesus could do through me if I was to just trust Him, if I was to say, “Jezu Ufam Tobie.” I left Poland impacted by not only the great saints who lived there but by Jesus and his unending love and faith in us. Put your trust in Jesus and be transformed by the message of His Divine Mercy!




One thought on “Jezu Ufam Tobie! (Jesus I Trust in You)

  1. Rosina says:

    Thank you Eileen! Now the true importance of the Divine Mercy Chaplet prayed for our sweet Helen has us saying, “Jesu Ufam Tobie!” . 🙏💙


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