The way is the goal

Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Colorado with my friend Sara. This was probably one of the most spontaneous things I have ever done. She told me she wanted to go while hanging out on a Friday morning and by noon I had booked my ticket! I couldn’t believe how smoothly everything worked out.

This summer had so much already planned. Studying for the MCAT, working and shadowing different doctors would leave little time for rest and trips. Starting it off with a trip to Colorado would be perfect. As we were beginning our 6.5 hour drive from Denver to Telluride, Sara shared  with me the motto of her walk on the Camino in Spain last summer. “El camino es la meta” which translates to “the way is the goal”. Although we were driving to Telluride and that was our physical destination, she wanted this trip the embody the idea that the journey itself should be our “destination”Few times in my life have I viewed the journey as my destination. I am a very goal oriented person, always looking toward the next thing I have to accomplish. Sometimes I feel like I am always on the go and never have an opportunity to simply stop and reflect.

As I walked around the Colorado mountains and soaked in the silence, I could feel the Lord beginning to work on my heart. Two things were the focus of my reflection during the trip. The first was something that I had read from the Catechism the day before we left, “The Giver is more precious than the gift” CCC 2603. Jesus had blessed me abundantly this past year, and yet I still felt like certain things in my life were missing. This line reminded me how untrue this was. No gift could ever compare to the glory of the Giver Himself. Another thing that I reflected on was the Transfiguration. At the top of one of the hikes we sat down at an overlook and the view was of the picture at the top of this post. I started reading the gospel on the transfiguration and the line that stood out to me was the one where Peter tells Jesus, “it is good for us to be here” Matthew 17:4. It is often difficult for me to live in the present without worrying about the future but in that moment I knew Jesus was asking me to be there with Him on my own “Mount Tabor.”

Even though I am back from Colorado and have begun my busy summer the joy from this adventure has not been forgotten!

Come, Holy Spirit, fire of mercy. Help me to believe in God and his love for me, even when life seems mundane and routine.



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