To Be Known

“We are content with being LOVED but not KNOWN because we are afraid of being KNOWN but not LOVED.”  (mic drop) This past week I have been really thinking about vulnerability. I see vulnerability as letting another person see you for exactly who you are even at the risk of not being accepted. Why be … Continue reading To Be Known


A new season of Belonging

On this Monday morning after thanksgiving break I went through my usual routine of waking up early, making my latte, and getting started on my MCAT studying. It seemed like a pretty average day, but when I walked outside the crisp fall air felt made me think twice about this “ordinary” day. I plugged in … Continue reading A new season of Belonging

RA-diant Joy

          Hey there! Eileen here. It’s seems like forever since I’ve written something. All I have to say is, sometimes life gets crazy. Since I last wrote many things have happened but through it all Jesus provided me with consistent joy.  Here's a little life update for you: last semester I … Continue reading RA-diant Joy

Advent Joy

         Advent is a time of joyful anticipation in which we await the celebration of the coming of our Lord and Savior. I would love nothing more than to take this time to focus my thoughts and time on preparing my heart for Jesus. Unfortunately the beginning of the season of advent … Continue reading Advent Joy