Joy in Indiana

Last weekend I went on a retreat with the sisters of saint Francis of perpetual adoration. It was a weekend filled with liturgy of the hours, rosary making, adoration, SO many laughs and different forms of recreation. The retreat was so simple yet so fulfilling. Their lives are ones of simplicity and obedience. The thing … Continue reading Joy in Indiana


Reckless Love

A couple weeks ago I had the chance to attend a FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) retreat called The Father's House. The retreat came at such a great time, because it was exactly two weeks after my MCAT exam that I had been studying for for the past six months. I came into the … Continue reading Reckless Love

RA-diant Joy

          Hey there! Eileen here. It’s seems like forever since I’ve written something. All I have to say is, sometimes life gets crazy. Since I last wrote many things have happened but through it all Jesus provided me with consistent joy.  Here's a little life update for you: last semester I … Continue reading RA-diant Joy